Şerif Ulutürk, the founder of ŞERİF ÇORAP IND. and TRADE INC. and a doyen in socks producing industry, started to outsource to factories in Marmara Region that manufactured socks by hand-machines in 1957. Şerif Ulutürk always told his chidren: “I’ve always paid the contract manufacturers’ money at once and even calculating the pennies. I believe this habit of mine has brought about abundance.” This way of thinking underlies the base of the development process of the shop located in Yeşildirek, which he always opened in the wee small hours of the morning, into a big business.


Our mission is to offer our customers healthy and quality service and products by training employees to use technology effectively and make quality a principle in order to satisfy the demands of the companies we work with and improve our own brand.


ŞERİF ÇORAP IND. and TRADE INC. builds its system on the base of not wasting a single raw material and time. This notion is known in the world as 5S, meaning simple production. ŞERİF ÇORAP IND. and TRADE INC. has determined its vision as to be the leading company favored for its service and quality with the principle of 5S by 2023 and to be the irreplaceable brand for ultimate consumers of medium and high levels with the new steps we are to take in retailng industry.

Quality Policy

  • To be a reliable and desired company that has acquired the conciousness of fully satisfying the needs and expactations of the customer in all processes.
  • To increase the level of quality consistently, within the scope of quality systems, by giving weight to teamwork in order that the employees become more competent and use their skills to the fullest extend.
  • To follow and use technological advances to decrease costs and increase profitability.
  • To fulfill every order on time, with desired quality and within the budget.
  • To cope with every issue by acting situationally and fast.
  • To establish the consciousness of quality among employees.
  • To approach problems with solutions rather than complaints.
  • To be an exemplary institution that respects the environment and the society we live in, and to contribute to national economy by consistently expanding the business volume.

Environmental Policiy

As ŞERİF ÇORAP IND. and TRADE INC., our aim is: To enhance our environmental performance consistently by decreasing the environmentally hazardous effects and by obeying all the environmental laws and regulations in order to protect and maintain the environment’s continuity.

To leave a viable environment to the next generations by making our productive activities environmental-friendly to its fullest extend.

Our to-do list in order to fulfill our goal is as follows:

  • To meet the legal necessities concerning environment sizes and practise consistent improvement.
  • To take environmental effects into consideration while designing the facility and process.
  • To raise the awareness of all our employees, subcontractors and neighbor community of our responsibilities to environment and get them to contribute.
  • To utilize recycling and reusing alternatives by decreasing the disposal amount that may be caused by production, transportation, stocking, processing and maintenance activities.

Social Compliance Policy

As ŞERİF ÇORAP IND. and TRADE INC., we stick to the following principles in order to meet and protect social compliance.

  • Employment is to be chosen freely, which means that unwilling employment is inadmissable.
  • Working conditions must be safe and hygienic.
  • No child labor is admitted.
  • The minimum wage is paid.
  • Working hours will not be excessive.
  • No one will be discriminated.
  • Consistent employment will be provided.
  • There will be no relentless and inhumane treatment.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As ŞERİF ÇORAP IND. and TRADE INC., our precautions against occupational accidents are as follows:

  • Preparing a workplace internal directive draft and making sure it is implemented.
  • Training our employees in occupational health and safety issues.

Recruitment Policy

ŞERİF ÇORAP IND. and TRADE INC. is a company that offers fair and equal opportunities both in recruitment process and during labor. We stick to following principles in recruitment phase:

  • We do not allow age, belief, sex, language, nationality or racial discrimination.
  • We respect universal working hours and obey national and international laws and regulations.

We offer fair recruitment, promotion, cancellation of labor contract, off days, wage and training activities within our company.