Research and Development Engineer

Works to keep the technology our company is using up to date.

Customer Representative

Customer representatives, who are the face of our company, take cake of all the problems of our customers.

Social Media Supervisor

The social media supervisor who is in charge of our social media channels and website, works to keep them up to date.

Human Resources Specialist

Our human resources unit evaluates the performance of our employees and gives them feedback when necessary and arranges trainings according to the evaluations. This unit is also in charge of finding suitable employees for a given job.

Production Planning Specialist

The production planning specialist is in charge of purchasing yarns according to due dates of orders, specifying in which machine the order will be produced and making sure the production meets the deadline.


Engineman takes care of the machines that need maintenance and repair.

Machine Operator

Machine operator who takes care of machine order is in charge of eliminating the stopping of machines, rapairing soft failures and cleaning the machines..

Sample Specialist

Sample speacilist produces the sample he/she gets from human resources unit and is in charge of documenting the sample information

Styler & Programmer

Our styler&programmer skecthes out the socks that our customer wants, produces the socks accordingly and aims to fulfill the need of our client 100%.

Alteration Personnel

The alteration personnel is in charge of entering the data of the socks to be knitted in the machine according to the intructions given by the production planning specialist.

Domestic Market Specialist

The domestic market specialist takes care of all our clients across Turkey and also is in charge of making samples of the socks that can be popular in our domestic market.

Delivery Storage Personnel

The delivery storage personnel is in charge of labels, boxes and parcels and informing the forming department about the weekly delivery to be prepared.

Semi-finished Goods Storage Supervisor

Semi-finished goods storage supervisor classifies the products coming from the machine hall in a certain way and is in charge of specifying the socks to be sent to toe stitching and washing departments.


The driver, holding the SRC certificate (Certificate of Professional Competence for drivers), conducts short-haul delivery.

Forming Personnel

The forming personnel is in charge of ironing the socks

Packaging Personnel

Packaging personnel is in charge of putting the socks in final form for the end-user and placing them in parcels.

Job Appliance

Security Code

Frequently Asked Questions

We work from 08:00 to 18:00.
Shift workers;
  • 08:00 – 16:00
  • 16:00 – 00:00
  • 00:00 – 08:00

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